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The term gay was originally used to refer to feelings of being “carefree” or “happy” but towards the late 19th century and gradually in the 20th century it came torefer to the men who feel sexually and romantically attracted towards other men and are involved in relationships with them. Most of the men who identify as gay are comfortable in using this term.

Traditionally, in Urdu, ‘humjins parast’ (ہمجنس پرست) has been used as a word for male homosexuality, but this word is problematic as ‘parast’ means ‘worshipper’ and doesn’t convey the love, committment, passion and mutual respect within gay male relationships.  Therefore, in Urdu, we are using the word ‘Hum Jin mard’ (ہمجنس مرد) instead, which means homosexual man.

However, please always remember: it is your body and your life, and whatever you want to call yourself, that is your full right and entitlement and we support it one hundred percent.