The Indian Supreme Court & Sec 377

india-queer-protestWe stand in solidarity with our friends across the border in India. The Indian Supreme Court judgement upholding the criminalization of homosexuality is a heartbreak for queers in India after the elation of the Delhi High Court judgement four years ago.

But remember: you cannot be dislodged. You cannot be erased. This is not the same position as the pre-July India, not at its core. Not for the movement. Not in the minds of people.

What this is, is the pushback from the heteropatriarchal police state which forces our bodies, or tries to, into positions of conformity and submission. How long can they do this for?

And never lose sight of this very real fact: the law was invented to control us. When we win a legal victory, we regain control over ourselves in some measure. But the law is only one front. It is not the only fight. And it is not the culmination of any real fight for survival and livable lives. No law can make us illegal.

We stand in solidarity with you, in dignity and in love. We authorize ourselves to be free.

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