What’s going on? | یہ ہو کیا رہا ہے؟

Dayaar-e-Yaar is an online portal dedicated to two major endeavours.

The first is to provide Pakistani queers or LGBT community information, support and, in time, a forum in which to discuss their issues.

The second is to situate queer activism and work around sexuality among other important issues of our times – the oppression of religious minorities, violence against women, the severe class apartheid of our societies, neo-colonialism and neo-liberalism (to name a few broad strokes).

So what are you going to be up to exactly?

  • Our Stories are our stories – stories of queer folks living queer lives.
  • The Law Centre provides information and resources on legal issues in Pakistan.
  • Words is a section that provides detailed definitions/explanations of terms used in LGBT/queer communities, in both English and Urdu. These are not strictly definitions – instead, we’ve tried to provide a well-rounded take on what these words mean to different sections of our community/ies.
  • The blog is a blog. Some of us who are putting together this site have thoughts and opinions, and this website. So we put our thoughts and opinions there.

What else?

We are also working on a few more aspects

  • Religious resources – resources relating specifically to Islam and, if we can figure out how to do it intelligently, Christianity. 
  • News – highlights of news that are particularly related to the issues we discuss here.
  • Forum – a members only place where people can have free discussion

Why Dayaar-e-Yaar?

Dayaar-e-Yaar means (my) friend’s house. It can also mean (my) lover’s house. Yaar is a great word in that it is very flexible and versatile. We want this to the place where you/we find friends and companionship (as for finding lovers, you’re on your own!) and place to feel you can make your own.


If you would like to contact us or send us suggestions, email us at insan AT dayaareyaar DOT org . Please note that we have no money, we cannot facilitate asylum and if you send us hate mail, you are basically a shit.


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